Ok so my brother said something about me slipping on the ice and it gave me an idea.  I thought it might be interesting to have some sort of little contest about how soon I slip and fall. It’s pretty much inevitable, nobody goes there and doesn’t fall at least a few times, so it’s really a matter of time. I thought maybe I could give the winner some sort of Antarctica related memorabilia I’ll bring home.***   So if you want to participate you can leave a comment with your date either here on the actual blog post, or over on the Facebook update for this post.  Minor little slips where I catch myself don’t count. It has to be a full on, fall directly on my ass type of situation.


***Since this is my contest I reserve the right to stop giving a shit if I get bored with this whole thing.  I also reserve the right to choose what the prize will be, if you anger me then the prize will probably be a bag of Antarctic farts. I also reserve the right to haunt your dreams, piss on your soul, and talk smack about your momma. I also reserve the right to have sex with your momma if she’s attractive and a dirty freak. All Rights Reserved, Patent Pending, Lasagna is Tasty.

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