Well I promised to bore you guys with something today, so here goes.  So today was the day to go to the CDC(Clothing Distribution Center) and try on all of our ECW(Extreme Cold Weather) gear to make sure it all fits.  I saw a couple people I knew while I was there too so that’s cool. So I’ve got all my gear ready to go for tomorrow and I’m just killing time gorging myself on fresh fruits and veggies that I’ll really be missing in a few months.   Check in time back at the CDC tomorrow is 7am, I think the flight is supposed to be at 9am. The C-17’s aren’t down here right now so we’ll be going down on an LC-130 “Hercules”, it’s like the standard C-130 but the “L” means it’s the ski-equipped version.  You can check it out here if you want…  It takes about 5 hours to get down there on the C-17 because it’s a jet powered plane, but the Herc is a prop plane so it’ll take 8 hours instead. God forbid the weather goes bad by the time we get to McMurdo and have to turn around and come right back!  So if all goes well I should be back on the ice tomorrow at 9pm, Arizona time.


My gear all ready and waiting for me to get back tomorrow morning…


Yummy fruitage to gorge myself on, they didn’t have any strawberries though. The grapes are kind of a disappointment, but everything else is yummy. Of course I had to get some kiwis in kiwi land…


Well I guess that’ll be enough of that for now.

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