Workday 1

Hey folks. So I’m here now.  I got in here Thursday about 11pm, Arizona time. I started work today, so far it’s been pretty uneventful.

So it turns out there was a fire in my dorm lastnight and I didn’t even know it.  It was a small one in a clothes dryer and it was caught and put out right away, so it never set off any alarms.  It’s still kind of unsettling that I was sleeping while there was a fire, but if it had been any bigger it would have set off the alarm and I would have woken up, so I’m not really worried about it.

We had a visitor today. The “Spirit of Enderby” showed up, it’s a sight seeing type ship. They went around the corner over by Scott Base and then came back and a bunch of people got in a smaller raft and came ashore. They hiked up Observation Hill and then down around Hut Point and went on their merry way. I’ve never checked on it myself but I’ve heard those sight seeing tours can be like 10-12 grand a person! Suckers! Not only did they send me here for free but they’re paying me to be here, wooohoooo! 🙂

Last time I was here I lost about 45lbs, well I put it all back on plus about 15 since I have been sitting on my butt at home.  So I’m determined this time to make an even bigger loss this time and actually keep it off.  Someone is determined to just make it difficult for me though. When I was in the store today I found that they’re selling bottles of hard alcohol. Last time around it was just beer and wine in the store and you’d have to go over to the bar to get the hard stuff. I don’t like beer or wine so it was pretty easy to just ignore them. I do drink the hard stuff so I’m going to have to make sure I stay away from that. Also there is now 24 freakin hour a day pizza available in the galley! I could seriously eat pizza for every meal so this is not good! I’m going to have to develop willpower of steel!

Well I took a few pics of the ocean since it’s all open right now.  I also made a couple videos using the GoPro I got of us getting on and off the plane. They’re a little more jumpy than I was hoping for, but I’ll show you the best ones.  It looks like it’s not going to let me attach the videos directly into the post like I did with the pics. So we’ll see how this whole video thing works…


Lots and lots of open water, for now at least…



The visitors hiking up OB Hill. Is it really interesting enough to take a pic and then post it? Ehhh, probably not…


So there was a pretty gnarly storm a week or so ago. It was causing some pretty big waves that were eroding the shore line and have undercut much of the ground right up against the water, so you can’t get too close to the water right now or there is the chance the ground could give way and send you for a swim, and I don’t want any part of that.  It also almost washed away the seawater intake pipe and the pumphouse. You can see the white building at the end of that little peninsula, that’s where every drop of water we use goes through before it gets desalinated. The darker dirt areas is where they had to go back in and replace earth and big rocks to beef it back up, they also had to replace parts of the foundation of the building.  So lets hope for no more big storms, I don’t think it would be very fun here without water. Haha


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