Nice day

Hi and stuff or something.

So I’ve been sick for several days now and it sucks.  I’m trying to keep myself high on Dayquil but it’s only working a little.  Oh well, what can ya do.

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day here so we took the opportunity to go up to “T-Site” to get aquanted with the equipment up there. T-site is a big open area on the mountain above town where we have about 2.3 zillion* different antennas and radio setups that people use all over town, and in some cases different places on and off the continent. There are some pretty great views from up there so I took a couple shots for you guys.  After we left we went over to Scott Base to drop off some pagers I had to program.  Pagers, you say? Yes, we are absolutely rocking the state of the art in 90’s technology!

If you didn’t know, Scott Base is the New Zealand base that’s just a couple kilometers away down a dirt round and around a mountain. We work fairly close with them on a lot of stuff. So while I was over there I took a few pics of their base and the water from their view point.


Me on my way to lunch, damn it’s so nice out today!!!

From T-Site, you can sort of make out a group of green buildings in the lower center of the picture, that’s Scott Base.

Scott Base…

The Kiwi’s use a 220volt system like they do back in the real world and we use 110v like we do in the real world. Well every vehicle has electric warmers you have to plug in to keep the battery, oil, and transmission fluid warm when the vehicle is parked for a while.  So over at McMurdo there are a few plug in’s that are 220v for the Kiwi vehicles when they come over. There is also a small parking section over at Scott Base with 110v outlets for our vehicles when we go over there.  This parking meter is in our section. 🙂  You find lots of silly, funny stuff like that down here…

Ok, enough for now. Time to gorge myself on cold medicine again.

*The number 2.3zillion can not be confirmed at this time.



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