Last Flight

Hey guy.  Well we officially kicked off winter today with the last flight leaving. So we’re stuck for the next 6 months.  Fingers crossed that we won’t need a medivac this year!  It’s Sunday here so it’s my day off and I’ve just been wandering around, I slept in today too which is awesome. After the last flight left they turned on the WiFi, which is freaking AWESOME! I’ve gotten my room like 50% situated, I’ve been a little lazy working on it but I’ve got plenty of time.  I don’t really have any pics to post today, nothing too exciting to take pictures of.  I’ve started using lotion again which I hate. I don’t know how girls can rub some many lotions and creams into themselves. I hate having lotion hands afterward.  Since this is the driest continent your skin can really suffer. It’s almost mandatory for even guys here to use lotion or your skin dries out so much. 

Work is alright. My new work center is right against the ocean and one of the rooms I work in has a window so I get to see the ocean and the mountains whenever I want.  It’s cool but it also means I have to walk up the hill when I leave here to go home, goto lunch, or if there are any work orders that need to be worked on in town.  As you all know I’m a big ol’ fatty who is totally out of shape so that makes it hard to walk up that hill.  The first week was torture but it has gotten better over this last week. So I would think everything would be pretty much ok in another week or so. 

Ok, I can’t think of anything else to say right now.  So…

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