I had to go back up to T-site yesterday and it reminded me about the videos I had taken a week or so ago.  T-Site is where all the higher powered radio transmitters and big antennas are located.  There are also a couple of NASA Ra-domes up there that have ground stations that receive a ton of data from a couple of JPSS satellites orbiting overhead.  Last week we went up there to shutdown about a half dozen higher powered high-frequency transmitters that are normally used in the summer for various things.  Well the group that deals with all of the aircraft related stuff needed to do some sort of test on the air traffic control transmitter. So we had to go back up yesterday to turn it back on.   Yesterday was pretty uneventful but it reminded me of the videos I took when we went up there to shut everything down.


Since I brought a GoPro camera and various mounts with me then I thought I’d try and get some cool video by mounting it on the side of the van while we were driving around up there.  It turns out that the suction cup mount didn’t want to stay on the side of the van, it only stayed stuck for a few seconds before falling off.  I think it’s because rubber part of the suction cup was freezing and losing it’s pliability so it wouldn’t stay stuck.  I can’t blame GoPro because I bought some cheapie mounts off of E-Bay.  So this is the best video I could get, it’s worthless but I thought it was really funny to see me stick it there, have it sit there for like 4 seconds and then fall into the snow. Haha, atleast I noticed before we drove away, and it didn’t fall off while we were driving.

Since I couldn’t get it to stick I just tossed it up on the dashboard.  As we started to pull away I thought of trying to see if I could get it to stick to the inside of the window. It was warm enough inside the van so it stayed put. I hadn’t planned on filming from inside the van but it was already on the window so I figured, what the heck, and just started recording.   Like I said in a previous posting I’m really not sure if you guys care to see boring crap like this where I’m just traveling around or whatever.  Then I figured maybe it’s just boring to me since I’m here, and maybe it would be interesting to see the stuff if you weren’t here. So I thought I’d go ahead and post it, if you don’t want to see it, then you could, like, not press play or something. Haha

Anyway, this was the drive back from T-Site to my work center.  It was a pretty clear day so you can see a few good views of the ocean.

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