2 Day weekend


So how are all my homie peeps?  I took a handful of pics over the last week or so but haven’t posted them yet, so here ya go.

So far everything is pretty good here.  We had our first 2 day weekend and it was awesome.  I didn’t really do much but it was sweet to not have to get up early on those days.  The start to the weekend did kind of suck though.  It was Friday and my calves were killing me from working out. So I thought rather than have to walk up the hill twice I’d just bring something to eat, skip lunch, get out of here early, and only have to walk up the hill once. It came around to about time to leave and someone called saying that he, and his coworker weren’t getting their pages. It seemed a little weird that more than one person have that problem so I tried paging myself and it wouldn’t work. SHIT! Dude! It’s time to get out of here at the start of a 2 day weekend. Seriously? This couldn’t have happened at noon or something? Of course not. I tried doing a bunch of things from here but they just weren’t fixing the problem. So we had to drive back up to T-site where the transmitter is. On the bright side it was an easy fix once we got up there, and it was also a beautiful day so we didn’t have to contend with the weather.  I ended up getting back to my room a couple hours later than I thought I would, but it could have been much worse.

Pretty much all of last week the weather was great. That’s kind of unusual, the weather is really schizophrenic here. It’ll be gorgeous one day and then horrible the next day or two. Yesterday and today have been pretty blowy out, it was Con 2 yesterday but I didn’t have to go outside so I didn’t care. 🙂


This pic was from last week when it was really nice outside.  You can see the ice has really been setting in. With all the wind yesterday some of the ice looks like it broke up and it floated away.  It’s hard to see because there is a lot of snow blowing around though.  Most of the ice is still there and still looks like it’s in one piece. It’s the area way off to the right in the pic below. Just about everything in the pic below is still there.

This big guy is one of the vehicles that they use on the South Pole Traverse.  Every year in the summer they take a little drive down to the south pole to take them fuel and cargo.  The South Pole is about 850 miles from here and it takes them somewhere around a month to get there.  They have huge sleds that they have cargo and huge, multi-hundred gallon fuel bladders that they tow behind. 

Just in case you forgot where I am… 🙂

One of the days we had to go up to T-Site it was really nice up there but there was a big layer of fog over Scott Base and the water/ice. You can see Scott Base a little through the fog…

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