It’s one of those dreary days here today. It’s been completely overcast for a week or so but it’s still been mostly decent out. Today is the exception, it’s a beanie, gaitor, and jacket zipped all the way up day today.  There is a pretty good deal of snow blowing around, having it blowing into your face when you’re walking is always fun. It’s pretty much just my eyes that are exposed so the snow will hit your face and melt, then you’ll get a good gust of wind that blows right in your face and will start to freeze that melted water in the corner of your eye a little. My favorite is if the timing is just right with a gust of wind and you blinking, if you blink for too long you can feel your eye lashes kind of tug on each other when you open your eyes because they were trying to freeze together. That’s a weird experience. It also doesn’t take very long of you breathing through your gaitor for a bunch of the water vapor in your breath to gather on the outside of the gaitor and turn to ice.  As I’m sitting here typing this I can hear the wind outside, that never makes for a good day.

21MPH & -42F


On the bright side, I still haven’t slipped and fallen on my ass yet.


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