Big Bang Theory & Snow

Hey, everyone.  So what’s happening at home? Anything good?

Today isn’t too bad outside temp wise. I think it’s only like -5, I know that “only -5” sounds ridiculous but it’s been like -20 or -30 and a couple days ago it was -53, that day sucked!  So today isn’t too cold. There is a ton of snow falling though so it’s everywhere and impossible not to track into every building you go into.

A few weeks ago they announced some kind of huge scientific discovery that was made down at the South Pole.  It’s apparently a really huge deal in the scientific world, someone told me it was like the biggest discovery of the century or something.  I do know that it made it’s way into The Big Bang Theory if you watch the show.  In last weeks episode it was the thing they were talking about in the beginning that had something to do with gravitational waves or something.  That’s one my favorite shows, so that’s pretty cool.

If you want to read about it here is some info…


I took this pic early last week.  We had some pretty good wind over the weekend. It broke up and blew out a bunch of the ice that had formed.  The large dark area at the top of the pic is open water.



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